Before you create a word bubble, you must have:

  1. Thought of a character
  2. Gotten that character sorted
  3. Made a page for that character

If you've done all that and need word bubble help, you've come to the right place...

Introducing.... word bubbles with Mist!

Here I'll be explaining how to do word bubble templates in the one-per-template way. You can have either a gradient word bubble or a solid color word bubble. Here are examples of both:


Ariana d'Lune -
- 21 year old dark witch
 – 17:33, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

A gradient word bubble.

Relda Happydog Hufflepuff

 – 17:33, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

A solid color word bubble

To make the gradient word bubble:

1.Create a page titled Template:<your character's name>. Mine was called Template:Ariana.

2.Copy the following starter template onto the page: {{Word Bubble Gradient
|image =
|color = #000000
|color3 = #ffffff
|color4 = #000000
|color2 = #ffffff
|textcolor = #ffffff
|textcolor2 = #000000
|fonttype =
|charname =
|charpage =
|job =
|title =
|time = {{{time}}}
|text = {{{text}}}}}

3.Fill in all of the fields. Change the colors using common color words like "red" or "blue" or use a hex triplet guide like I do to get a better range of colors. Here's an example.

{{Word Bubble Gradient

|image = Aeye.jpg

|color = #000000 |color3 = #ffffff

|color4 = #99ff99 |color2 = #ffffff

|textcolor = #000000

|textcolor2 = #000000

|fonttype = Monotype Corsiva

|charname = Ariana d'Lune

|charpage = Ariana d'Lune

|job = - 21 year old dark witch

|title =

|time = {{{time}}}

|text = {{{text}}}}}

4.Congratulations! You're finished with your gradient word bubble! If you need any help, feel free to contact me on my Message wall. Good luck, Mist 17:33, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

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