So, from now on. I will be posting daily updates about this wiki. I have allready added so many updates. Today, I have added this feature.


^ Its Green!!

So, on Community Central I found, this. As you can see, I tried it out.

I wanted to know, if there was a way to change the color of usernames, and how? Like when your name shows on recent activity it shows in black, or red, or any color you want. Thanks.

And yes, there is a way, so

Bcrats: Bcrats will be in a Green Colour Admin: Admins in a lightgreen colour (might change) Rollbacks: Will appear in a darkgreen colour.

Its quite hard to explain, But its like on Dumbledore's.

On dumbledores

Bcrats: Gold

Admins: Silver

Rollbacks: Gold.

So for us its

Bcrats: Green

Admin: Light Green

Rollback: Phthalo green

I just repeating myself, oh well. I hope you get what I mean!!!

Football444 Userbox Cookie (COOKIES!) 19:19, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

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