Greetings, Welcome (I can not be bothered to code this). Now as you can tell by the title. This is a Administration Meeting, Going to happen. It will be free for EVERYONE!! We will be talking about many, many things, Including Rosters, Storyline, Death Eaters, The Order, Quests. Now we need a time and a date. Now I was thinking this Saturday at ....., Now this is where your time zones come in. I would like all the users who wish to join the meeting to add there time zone to this page and then I will think up a time.

Now, Then. I have worked out some times. Comment below if you can make it or not.

Username Time Zone Time of the Meeting
Football444 UTC+1 Sat 23rd, 8:00pm
Daughter of Lupa UTC-5 Sat 23rd, 2:00pm
11Kiersten UTC-5 Sat 23rd, 2:00pm
Ivy Snape UTC-6 Sat 23rd, 1:00pm

I bet we will have to change these times round. But how is that. Please comment below!

EDIT: The meeting will be held on chat!

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