• TheFlyingFoot

    So, from now on. I will be posting daily updates about this wiki. I have allready added so many updates. Today, I have added this feature.


    ^ Its Green!!

    So, on Community Central I found, this. As you can see, I tried it out.

    I wanted to know, if there was a way to change the color of usernames, and how? Like when your name shows on recent activity it shows in black, or red, or any color you want. Thanks.

    And yes, there is a way, so

    Bcrats: Bcrats will be in a Green Colour Admin: Admins in a lightgreen colour (might change) Rollbacks: Will appear in a darkgreen colour.

    Its quite hard to explain, But its like on Dumbledore's.

    On dumbledores

    Bcrats: Gold

    Admins: Silver

    Rollbacks: Gold.

    So for us its

    Bcrats: Green

    Admin: Light Green


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  • TheFlyingFoot

    Greetings, Welcome (I can not be bothered to code this). Now as you can tell by the title. This is a Administration Meeting, Going to happen. It will be free for EVERYONE!! We will be talking about many, many things, Including Rosters, Storyline, Death Eaters, The Order, Quests. Now we need a time and a date. Now I was thinking this Saturday at ....., Now this is where your time zones come in. I would like all the users who wish to join the meeting to add there time zone to this page and then I will think up a time.

    Now, Then. I have worked out some times. Comment below if you can make it or not.

    Username Time Zone Time of the Meeting
    Football444 UTC+1 Sat 23rd, 8:00pm
    Daughter of Lupa UTC-5 Sat 23rd, 2:00pm
    11Kiersten UTC-5 Sat 23rd, 2:00pm

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