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My Characters


Ara -The Slytherin Witch, The Totured One, The Twins of Bastet Luperca Black, The Descented of Bellatrix LeStrange, The Heirless of Alecto Carrow, Wolf-Animagus Death Eaters Mark
- "The Death Eater, The Assiant of Sabrina Dark
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Welcome to Dark Party, (Death Eaters)

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Lanna -The Ravenclaw Witch, The White Lady, Part Veela, Metamorphmagus, Wolf-Animagus, The Sight, The Seer Coventry
- "The Auror,
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Hello, Welcome to the White Party (Order of Phoenix)

The Twins-Dol's twin

Elena -The Slytherin Witch, Twins sister of Katy Prince/Princess of Dark Magic.Death Eaters Mark
- "The Death Eater,The Deputy Head
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I have no time for you, if you are Muggle or Squibs or Muggleborn or half-Blood, go away or die!


Diana -The Hufflepuff Witch, Half-Veela, metamorphmagus, Triple sister of Freyja Ankia and Athena June Gale.
- The Order of Phoenix member,Department of Care Of Magical Creatures
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Yes I'm name after Diana the Roman goddess of Hunts and Wild Animal and protector of Maiden, and Lupa TheWolf-goddess.

My Hogwart Character


Alexander -5th year Slytherin Student
- "The Student
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Are you 6th Years Students?, Welcome back to Hogwart

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Artemis -fifth year Hufflepuff Student, Pureblood Veela, White Tiger Animagus
- The Student
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Are you 7th Years Student, Welcome back to Hogwart


Bastet -Sixth year Ravenclaw Student, Egyptian Mau Cat Animagus
- "The Student
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Are you 4th or 5th Years, Welcome back to Hogwarts


Andra -7th Year Gryffindor Students, Descented of Sirus Black, Black Cat Animagus
- The Student
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Are you first years Student or Second or 3rd years Student. Welcome to the Hogwarts, or welcome back to Hogwart.


Gwen -first year Hufflepuff student, The Girl who believe in stuff.
- The Student
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My Future Character

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