Ryan Dark
Slytherin, Sixth Year
Former Drumstrang
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Ryan grew up in a place far away from other witches and wizards. He lived with his mother and father. His mother grew a love for the dark arts and practised them day and night. While his dad on the other hand, was very different from his mother he was a Auror up at the ministry, he was a nice kind of guy this is where Ryan nice side came from. WIP

Ryan Dark (The Spooky Boy)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born November 12, 1995
House and Year Slytherin, Sixth Year
Family WIP
Status Alive
Eye Colour Dark Grey
Hair Colour Dark Black
Height -
Blood Status Pure-Blood

Wand -
Patronus -
Boggart Ghosts


Ryan Dark is a greedy, selfish kind of boy. He acts all tough on the outside but inside he is scared. He is a mean guy but is depressed at all times. He is very threatening. He does not show how he really feels and often shows the dark side of him. It doesn’t seem as if Ryan has a nice side but he does he just never shows it. Inside he is feeling pain and feeling guilty about his father’s death. He never sides with anyone only himself. He never introduces himself and often acts very creepy that is where the nickname creepy came from. He is quite secretive of his past. If you anger Ryan he will never forget it and threaten the Vitim.


- He is Left Handed

- He can speak a little French

- He plays Soccer

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