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Wavy hair miranda dawn death eaters

Miranda Dawn -Head of Department 3
Death Eater
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Hi I am Miranda Drew Dawn. I'm Head of Department Three and Loyal to the Dark Lord.
Dove patronas

Dove Patronus -Miranda Dawn's Patronus
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I'm the patronus of Miranda Dawn a dove.
Cheetah animagus

Cheetah -Animgus
Miranda Dawn's Animagus
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Miranda Dawn was born to Olivia and Joseph Dawn twenty years ago on January 22. Her parents became professional directors and producers in the muggle world to Miranda's disgust. When she 7 she moved in with her older cousin Gwenenieve Marissa Taylor. Gwen loved to party and drink a lot. This caused Miranda to feel like she wasn't forced to do stuff and had a lot of independence. When she was 11 she got a letter from Beauxbatons. She went and became the smartest girl in the grade each year. She never had many friends. She only had one named Audra Swift, a half veela girl who was stupid and had depended on Miranda for eveything. They both graduated and stayed friends. They both became Death Eaters. Miranda moved into a penthouse suite in Paris, France. Though later on she became bored and moved into a huge mansion in Brooklyn. Audra currently moved in with her.


She is smart and wise. She is very good at making quick and decent decisions. She hates muggle borns and mudbloods. Though she has a soft side to squibs and half breeds. 


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