Jordyn Kasemir


Jordyn Marie Clove Kasemir



Birthday and Age:

May 21,1996


Hair Color:

Any (Naturally light blonde)

Eye Color:

Any (Naturally bright blue)



Blood Status:


House and Year:

Hufflepuff,5th Year

"I don't need anyone to be by my side, I'm perfectly happy alone, and in case you didn't notice, since you were busy taking care of your own children and making sure they were more important than me"

-Jordyn speaking to her sister-in-law, Vivienne, before going to Hogwarts.

Jordyn Anya Kasemir is the British-Russian Pure-Blood daughter to Rosetta and Ivan Kasemir ,being their third and youngest child. Jordyn was orphaned at age 10 and was adopted by her older brother, Alexander and his wife, Vivienne .She began her magical education at Hogwarts at eleven, like any other magical child.

As a 5th year Hufflepuff, Jordyn is rather shy and isolated from her fellow Hufflepuffs, thinking that they wouldn't understand the experiences she's gone through. She hates being around them, claiming them "too happy" She prefers to be alone, though many wonder why, since she looks perfectly normal to most people.


Jordyn is of average height and is skinny, and is a metamorphmagus.Naturally, she has light blonde hair and big, bright blue eyes,she usually keeps her looks like this.Being a metamorphmagus, she does change her hair and eye color from time to time, for both fun and for disguise. She also uses her metamorphic abilites to charm people into telling her the things she wants to know.


To most people, Jordyn is a kind, friendly, person, being very smart and well behaved, although she tends to be alone. To people she's close to, she's rather quiet, can be mean more often, is rather cruel, and get angy more easily. She tries to kill anyone who mentions her mother's death, but laughs at the mention of her father. She can be rather arrogant and confident, and prefers to do things alone.

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