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Death Eaters United Wiki. What is it? It is where you can roleplay a Death Eater or a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Battle! Fun! Roleplay! Awesomeness! Many locations you can roleplay at! Many Positions in the Death Eaters team and the Order Team!! Roleplay Today!!. To get started check the getting started guide!

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Are you ready to join us? If you are then make your Death Eater name and page at this place. and get ready for some dark action. If you need any help check our Getting Started Guide that tends to all your needs.

But remember once you join there ain't no turning back.

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WIP Welcome to the wiki! Will you be a Death Eater or a member of The Order of the Phoenix?-Ivy Snape(Founder and Head admin)

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Do you enjoy reading the Percy Jackson series, Like roleplaying, Like the Japanese Gods and goddesses. Then you will love this wiki. It is set in camp half-blood but with a twist, instead of greek gods and goddesses its JAPANESE!! Join Camp Izanagi Wiki!

If you wish to affiliate with us contact Ivy Snape or Football444. Thank You!!




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