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Name: LupaAnna Athena Black

Species: Witch

Bias: She is descented of Sirus Black.

History:She is the Daughter of Lupa Black nee Jonas. and Salem Black, and born on February 14. When she was 10 year old, she discovered that she is a witch by healing her father because she was wounded and weaken and he saw that she have light. When she is 11 year old, She get a letter from Hogwarts and take her to Diagonally Alley. She love Hogwarts, and her all class, btw her favorite class is Animagus. When school was, she have to go to Home. She went to back to school for 6th years. Now she is 17 year old, and 7th year students. Also She is niece of Arabella Drusilla Black and Fear her because Arabella is her boggart, and dont get along with her and dont like her and denay to relate to Arabella.

House: She is in Gryffindor House.

&nbsp Teams: order of Phoienix

Personality: Calm, and Harmonious and Light and Jokster and Romantice and Serious, and Brave.

Appeareance: Black hair and brown eyes.

More History and Personality Please Football444 Userbox Cookie (COOKIES!) 15:10, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

Your Character is in the The Order of the Phoenix Team!!
Join the Dark Party!


Greetings, Young One. Your Character, LupaAnna Athena Black. Is now a member of the Order. Your member is the . Well Done. Now you need to create a Character Page, A Word Bubble. If you need any help check out our Getting Started Guide which tends to all your needs

Football444 Userbox Cookie (COOKIES!) 15:33, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

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