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 July Mira Raison was born on February 5 to an all muggle family.  Her mother,Eliza Raison,was murdered by Death Eaters,along with her sister CiCi Raison.  Her father, Garret Raison,died of lung cancer when July was 15.  July had a wonderful family life.  She was accepted at Hogwarts and sorted into Gryffindor.  In her seventh year,she met her future husband,Justin Illner.
 July is shy but can be very brave.  She is modest,quiet,and very smart.
 July has medium-length blonde hair and brown eyes.  She is tall for her age and is skinny.  July does not wear glasses or contacts.
 July likes to study and loves the Order of the Phoenix.  She is determined to the find the Death Eater responsible for Eliza and CiCi's death.  July's favorite color is black and she is a vegetarian.
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