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Juliana is a graduated Ravenclaw student . She was born in London to Estella and Thadeus Stanton. She has an older brother, Calix, and a younger sister ,Emilee.She is brave, smart, and very loyal. She joined the DA while she was in hogwarts, making her very skilled in defensive and offensive spells. She was also on the Ravenclaw Qudditch team and became the captain. She was a prefect and was also head girl in her 7th year. She learned how to produce a full body patronous. It itakes the form of a raven. She will always stand up for whats right and oppose those who do wrong. Her father was killed when she was only 8 by a dark wizard. this has caused them to be her enemy for as long as she lives, and she will do anything to stop them from hurting, or killing anybodu else. Everything she does will be to stop the death eaters.


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