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character: Darcy Bowden

History: Darcy comes from the wealthy Pure-Blood Bowden family. For generations they have been known has strong muggle haters. Darcy was born to her parents seventeen years ago as an only child, and is expeccted by her parents to share their beliefs on muggleborns and blood-traitors.

Personality: Darcy is very arrogant, and expects everyone to bow to her and do as she says. She is very confident and popular. She beliefs in the purity of blood, mainly because that was how she was brought up to think. She is well known for sitting around the Slytherin common-room, surrounded by her posse.

Appearance: Long , dead straight, platinum blonde hair. Very pale blue eyes. pale skin, with a tall and curvy figure.

likes: Pure-Bloods, Slytherin, peple doing what she tellls them to do, having power, her parents being proud of her

dislikes: muggleborns, blood-traitors, goody two-shoes, know-it-alls, people smarter or prettier then her, people standing up to her, and dissapointing her parents.

forgot to add this on, she will be in...i think it was 5th department, working from hogwarts in Slytherin house

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