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Creating a Character!!
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So, Now you have created a account, Now you need to create a character. But before you make a page you must create a character forum. This character forum will decide if you will be in the Death Eaters Team or the Order of the Phoenix. If you want to become a death eater make sure you check the Roster for what position you would like. If you want to become a member of the Order check the roster for what position you would like. In your forum please tell us about your character, History, Personality, Appearance, likes and dislikes e.c.t. In the box at the bottom please write in your character's name and click publish. You will come to a page fill in out with info about your character. A admin will check your forum. The admin will put a template at the bottom and a message onto your message wall. If you have any questions contact a admin. Thank You!

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