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Ariana was born to Phillip and Rita d'Lune when they were both 28. They are both very dedicated, hardworking, and brave people, and are 100% good and against death eaters. But since she was little, Ariana wasn't the type of child right for her parents. She has a dark, powerful, and brooding personality, and fits very well into the "problem child" stereo type. Throughout her childhood her parents tried hard to connect with and understand her, but their every effort angered her. Why couldn't they try less hard and just leave her alone? When Ariana was in her sixth year she discovered the dark arts, and imediatley fell in love. She started to seek out those who, like her, had a passion for the dark arts.


Now Ariana is 19, a year out of hogwarts and is hoping to become a member of the Death Eaters


Ariana is daring and undeniably brave. Able to convince most people of whatever she'd like them to believe, she is also quite cunning. Her biggest weakness is her doubt in her own judgement (however well she disguises it in front of her aqquantences).

Physical appearance

Ariana has flowing black hair and a medium skin tone that she gets from her dad, who is hispanic. Her mother is british and gave Ariana her celery green eyes and thin lips.


  • The brutally honest
  • Those daring enough to be her friends
  • Blackberries
  • Manipulating others to do what she wants them too


  • Liars (even though she is one)
  • Fakes
  • People who try too hard
  • Spicy food
  • Ignorant people
  • How everyone tells her she looks like her parents
  • How her big toe sticks up

Position preferences

Could Ariana be the Deputy Head in the death eater ranks?

Your Character is in the Death Eaters Team!!
Join the Dark Party!

Death Eaters Mark

Greetings, Young One. Your Character, Ariana d'Lune. Is now a death eater. Your death eaters is the . Well Done. Now you need to create a Character Page, A Word Bubble. If you need any help check out our Getting Started Guide which tends to all your needs

Ivy Little snape Snape 21:04, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

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