Diana Melrose, Pure Blood dark witch, House Slytherin.

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Diana Melrose

Diana Melrose is a kind of girl who acts like she's queen of the world. Though she can be nice, if you're her friend, she's pure b***h to people she doesn't like. Despite her housemates telling her not to do dark magic all the time, she doesn't listen and does her 'experiments' in private. She was never caught, and they don't suspect a thing. her favorite class is Transfigurations. She's just in her fourth year, being only fourteen years old, but she's very bright. Whaddyaknow? When not at school for Christmas break or in between her years, she does spends most of her time in Godric's hollow, where she lives, and does her experiments there. Turning frogs into rocks, perfecting her Unforgivable Curses on little insects she finds around, and in, her house.

Patronus: Tiger

Pet: She keeps an all black Persian kitten. SHe may act like the queen of the world, but she loves this cat like she's the princess. She named her cat Malifecent in honor of her favorite evil queen.

Boggart: Her biggest fear is Death.... Weird, eh?

Wand: Rowan, Dragon Heartstring, 10 1/2 inches

Favorite song: Music by Maniac Drive.

Other: She /loves/ music.

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