This is an OFFICIAL Death Eaters United Wiki POLICY!

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  1. Vandalism - Blocked Straight Away
  2. Spam - Second Warning
  3. Move vandalism – Page move vandalism (moving an article to a nonsensical or inappropriate title)
  4. Inappropriate account naming - Banned straight away
  5. Disruption – Users who disrupt the wiki. Changing other people's comments, making misleading edits, or harassing other users. Final Warning for Disruption.
  6. Blanking pages – Users should typically be warned prior to being blocked for page blanking, except in extreme cases where the blanking is obviously being done with malicious intent - i.e. 4 articles blanked in ten minute.
  7. Personal attacks – Users attacking other editors personally (in regards to anything) should be given one warning prior to a cool-off ban. The length of the ban is dependent on the severity of personal attacks.
  8. The Language - Swearing e.ct. Warned First
  9. Copyright - Please don't copy anything (such as word for word stuff, pics, templates, etc) without permission from an administrator. Doing so will result in a request for you to remove to content, followed by a 3 day block.
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