This is an OFFICIAL Death Eaters United Wiki POLICY!

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Chat Policy
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Please follow these rules, If you do not, You will get warned then banned!

  • No Inappropriate Language
    • A slip of a swear will probably be overlooked, but make sure it isn't too severe. Also, all inappropriate words should have at least 1 * replacing a letter.
  • No Sexual Discussions
  • No Threats
  • No Administration Threats
  • No Flooding
    • Do not spell out words like W (next line) O (next line) R (next line) D
    • Do not add nonsense words to fill up the chat please
  • No Loopholes
  • No personal insults to others.
  • No flaming others. If you don't like what someone has to say, just ignore them.
  • Members may not refuse a Private Chat from a mod.
  • All caps is considered to be shouting. Please don't use it.
  • Don't Give Out Personal Information
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