Darcy Bowden, 17

Darcy Bowden


Seventeen/Seventh Year

Date Of Birth

17th August


London, England

Blood Status



Death Eater; 5th Department; Slytherin



Hair Colour

Platinum Blonde

Eye Colour

Pale Green, Almost Grey


Darcy comes from the wealthy Pure-Blood Bowden family. For generations they have been known has strong muggle haters. Darcy was born to her parents seventeen years ago as an only child, and is expeccted by her parents to share their beliefs on muggleborns and blood-traitors.

At the young age of sixteen, her devoted parents signed her up to the Death Eaters and her ission ever since has been to keep an eye on what is happening at Hogwarts, report any possible Order of the Phoenix members and recruit more Death Eaters


Darcy is very arrogant, and expects everyone to bow to her and do as she says. She is very confident and popular. She believes in the purity of blood, mainly because that was how she was brought up to think. She is well known for sitting around the Slytherin common-room, surrounded by her posse.

When she is not being bossy or arrogant, she is very sly, persuasive and sneaky. She is not above usuing her looks to get what information she wants.


Darcy has long, dead straight, platinum blonde hair. Her eyes are a very pale green, alost grey. She has pale skin, with a tall and curvy figure. In summer she maily wears skirts with tops or dresses. In winter she wears skinny jeans, boots, a tanktop with a cardigan and a scarf or maybe a jumper.


Pure-Bloods, Slytherin, swimming, peple doing what she tellls them to do, having power, her parents being proud of her.


Muggleborns, blood-traitors, brooms, goody two-shoes, know-it-alls, people smarter then her, people standing up to her, and dissapointing her parents.


Darcy has had many relationships over the years, but none very serious. She only has one close friend, Clarrisse who is a Slytherin girl in her year who is her best friend and is in a similar position to Darcy, and understands the pressure of trying to make her parents proud. Most of her other 'friends' are just the other popular Slytherin girls who are in their dorms or classes.


Ebony, 10", Unicorn Hair

Magical Strengths

Darcy is best at performing charms and Transfiguration spells. She is interesred in
becoming and animagi but is unsure how how to go about it.

She has a magical ring, a gift from her mother. When she presses the stone in it, she will turn invisible either untill an hour has passed or she presses it aging and turns back. It may oly be used every twenty-four hours.

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