Coraline Flame



Date of Birth

19 April 1996



Blood status




Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Skin Colour

Very pale

Family Members

Lindsay Flame (mother); Damian Flame (father); Nellie Flame (sister); Blake Belin (half-brother); Carla Flame (sister); Micheal Wiseman (best friend)




Name: Coraline Midrya Flame Age: 16 Position: Department Five House: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Appearance: (See Image) Coraline has long, silky, ebony hair that reaches her waist; her eyes are a light, hazel- Coraline Lead The CareersAdded by Lead The Careers green color that twinkle in the light - they're big and bright and outlined with makeup to make them seem even bigger; she is incredibly tall and thin for her age, and has snowy-white skin. Her nails glow whenever she is angry, and mini-light flashes shoot after them in an attempt to blind her target.

History: Coraline was born into a pure-blood, all-Slytherin family who were all Death Eaters. Her mother Lyndsay and her father Damian all followed the Dark Lord and they constantly pressured Coraline into becoming a Death Eater. They made it a family law that all children born into the Flame family tree must become Death Eaters at 16. She now possesses the Dark Mark and is (hopefully) in Department Five.

Personality: Coraline is an evil b*tch who possesses a sharp tounge and a good punch. Her life set on winding people up, she is incredibly sarcastic and cocky and is always armed with a good comeback. She is also a skilled fighter as well as a skilled dueller; she can knock people out with one punch if she's in the mood.

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