Lisbeth Salander

Basil Oufrank


Death Eater Department 1 Member

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born January 12, 1985
House Slytherin

Parents (Deceased),

Necole McCloud-Oufrank(Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Dark Grey
Hair Colour Dark Black




Very cunning and loyal to the cause of gaining power he will side with anybody who is stronger than their opponent just so he can gain the secrets that help them win.

Position Wanted

Deparment One member




Him weak

Blood Status



6'1 Athletic Build always wears dark clothes Shoulder length hair


In North Germany with his uncle Pertro Ravanic.


Basil Oufrank is a Pure-Blood Wizard/Animagus who was orphaned at a young age by Auror's who killed his parents who were Dark Wizards.

Basil later married Necole McCloud who was best friends with Nara Duncan the woman who killed Basil's parents


Basil was brought up by his mother's brother who wished fof Basil to take revenge on the Auror who killed his beloved sister.

Basil found the Auror who killed his parent's by accident when he was introduced to her through his wife Necole as her best friend and honorary family member of the McCloud's. Basil waited for the opprtune moment to take his revenge and when he did he panicked and was seen fleeing the scene. Later Necole's older brother Calvrin McCloud and to of his cousins came to Basil's house and confronted him about where he was at the time and Basil panicked again and, using the killing curse, killed the two cousins that were with Calvrin. Basil and Calvrin got into a dual and Calvrin had the upper hand before Necole stopped Calvrin by pushing Basil out of the way while getting hit by a killing curse herself from her brother. In the next instant Calvrin racked with grief completely forgot about Basil, and Basil in a rage killed Calvrin and took his wife's body to bury her.


Speaks 3 Languages: English, Gaelic & German

Near Genius Level Intellect

Hightened Senses from being an Animagus

Adept at offensive spells

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