Name: Auorra Prevell Blood:Pure-blood from Ireland

House: Slytherin

History: Auorra was born to two pure-bloods who were dark wizards. Her mother usually cared for her until the age 10 when she cane be left alone ,while her dad is in Ireland politics.Her parents was lovling,and they taught al magic that the Prevell fanmily and the Slytherin family knew since her mother was a moon before her mother married her dad. Her parents never was had hide all lot of the dark arts because they were rich and no one wants to mess with her family. She was homeschooled by her mother and she loves her family a lot and they hate mudbloods.At the age of 15 she entered Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin to make allies.

Personality: She is a very sly cunning woman,who's only goal is please her parents and help the dark side.

Appearance: She has long black hair, with a fierce look on her face. She is taller than average and is thin with red plum lips.

(Possibly Department Two)

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