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Ara -The Slytherin Witch, The Totured One, The Twins of Bastet Luperca Black, The Descented of Bellatrix LeStrange, The Heirless of Alecto Carrow, Wolf-Animagus Death Eaters Mark
- "The Death Eater, The Assiant of Sabrina Dark
 Welcome to my Wolf Pack! 13:32, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

hello, I'm Arabella Drusilla Black, Pureblood Slytherin Witch and Assiant to Sabrina Dark.

Wolf form -Wolf form
- Arabella Drusilla Black
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This is my Animagus Black Wolf form,
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Raven Patronus -Raven Patronus
- Arabella Drusilla Black's Patrouns
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This is my Patronus Charm.
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Morgan -Arabella's Black Cat
- Arabella Drusilla Black's Familar
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Destiny -Brown Owl
- Arabella Drusilla Black's Owl
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Arabella Drusilla Black

Name meaning

Arabella means Love Moliax Means Curse Drusilla Means Totured, Namila means Dark Black Means Evil Crucia Means Cruel. So Arabella Moliax Drusilla Namila Crucia Black Means Beloved to Totured innocent


Skills and Traits






Arabella And Bastet was born on October 30 and October 31. with her Family Black. She Went to the Hogwarts for Seven Years, and gradute. History of Her family tree are the dark wizards and Dark Witch. Arabella always want to be a Death Eater.She is spoiled brat, And her twin sister is jealous of her. Arabella get along with Samuel and Louise And Joseph and Her parents and don't get along with Bastet because they dont look like each other, and they dont act like each other. Hats going put her in ravenclaw but decide put her in Slytherin House. WPS


Her Personality is unlike her sister who is Honest, sweet, Caring, Helpful and warm-hearted. Arabella is Dishonest, Cruel, non-caring, helpless, cold-hearted.


she is nonidentical Twins of her sister. Arabella have a black hair and green eyes.

Dislikes and Likes

She dislike Muggleborn, and Muggle, and Squibs and Halfblood. She like Dark Magig

Photo of Arabella

  • Arabella's Dad
  • Arabella's Mother
  • Arabella's Brother Samuel
  • Arabella's Sister Louise
  • Arabella's brother Joseph
  • Arabella when she was 10 year old
  • Arabella was 11
  • Arabella was 12
  • Arabella was 13
  • Arabella was 14
  • Arabella was 15
  • Arabella was 16
  • Arabella was 17
  • Arabella is 18
  • Arabella's Black Wolf Animagus
  • Arabella's Raven Patronus
  • Arabella's Familiar Morgan
  • Arabella's brown owl, Destiny
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