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Alexander -5th year Slytherin Student
- "The Student
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Hello, I'm Alexander Samuel Dean, 5th years Slytherin Student, and Pureblood


Alexander is Pureblood wizard and he live at England and He get a letter from hogwart and he get his stuff and want to be in slytherin. He get sorted in slytherin house and went to hogwart with is twins brother Anthony Dean When he is in 1st year-4th year. now he is 15 year old , and he is in 5th year. His family is Michael ,and Lilly Dean. His family treat him special and have a crush on Caroline and he want to join with Order of Phoenix

  • His twins brother Anthony Dean is in Gryffindor House and want to join DeathEaters,
  • His Middle Sister June is in Ravenclaw house and want to join deatheaters
  • His Youunger sister Ashley is in Hufflepuff and neutral.


He is nice and kind and amusing and charming.


Handsome brown Hair and Brown eyes.


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